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24 April 2008 @ 09:50 am
Master Fic List  
Possible Future Fanfiction

  1. Philosophy. Katie and Cole talk about God.(Katie & Cole) Slight mentions of Rhonda & Katie if you squint.

Avatar: The Last Airbender:
  1. Before: [Download|Link] Katara has a secret. [Katara & Jet] Slight Katara & Zuko and Katara & Aang
  2. Mai's Choice: [Download|Link] Mai remembers the day she saw Zuko get his scar. [Mai & Zuko] Onesided.
  3. Home Again: [Download|Link] They met again, years later, in passing... The last time Katara had seen Longshot, they were deep under Lake Laogai. (Katara & Longshot)

  1. Living: [Download|Link] Kai’s life in the wake of passing years and the unlikely companionship that grew from the shadow of her former self and his looming past. But is it enough to bind two lonely souls together? [Kai & Hilary]
  2. New Resolve: [Download|Link] He watches her when he thinks no one knows. And he hates the way he wants what's not his. But he sees her alone, and finds a new reason to fight. Will it be enough to win? [Kai & Hilary]
  3. Just Words: [Download|Link] Hilary has to face the consequences of her actions in the wake of the letter that's still clutched in her hand. What will this mean for her life now? Hilary will have to decide... [Hilary & Hiro and Hilary & Kai]
  4. Practice: [Download|Link] Tyson and Kai eavesdrop. (Rei & Hiromi) Drabble
  5. Meant to Be: [Download|Link] She could hear the pity in his voice as he served her seconds. She accepted his pity, and his food, with little hesitation. [Hiromi & Hitoshi] Mentions of slash & previous partners.

  1. Tangled. Rukia and Renji find themselves entwined and tangled as they claw and pray for completion, but there is something that lingers just beneath the surface of lust-filled eyes. Could it be...[Renji & Rukia] Based on the fanart: Drops of Jupiter NC-17
  2. Ever So Slightly: [Download|Link] Ulquiorra reflects on the curiosity of his decision to leave Kurosaki alive at the end of their fight. It might have something to do with that woman who's face he can't get out of his mind. [Ulquiorra & Orihime] Chapter 274
  3. Recovery. Renji is cleaning Urahara's shop when he gets a visit from Orihime [Renji & Orihime] Drabble
  4. Caught. She tasted vaguely of something sweet, like cusping on childhood and rebellion. (Renji & Tatsuki) Drabble
  5. Faded. The sky is always faded after a storm. (Rukia & Renji & Ichigo) Drabble
  6. Just this Once: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] It was the rain that did it, made Itachi look vulnerable. (Itachi/Kisame). Drabble

  1. The Evolution Saga. These are a series of vignettes that chronicle the evolution of Bulma and Vegeta's relationship starting on Namek and continuing through to the android saga. [Vegeta & Bulma]
    • Chatper 1: Death. As his eyes watered and slipped shut, Vegeta recalls long ago memories of a past that still haunts him. Is there any hope of redemption? Warning: contains violence, yaoi, pedophile rape, and character death.

  1. Lost In It. When she sat alone on the bridge, the black of space spread out before her, like a velvet sheet, a curtain swung wide to cover the bits at the edges that frayed and tore away with the loneliness of it all, she could still hear whispers. [River & Jayne]
  2. All Play. River has a spunky moment. (River & Jayne) Drabble

Flight 29 Down:
  1. Clearing the Air: [Download|Link] This is a 'missing scene' from the Season 2 Finale. In a sense, this conversation is Eric & Nathan's attempt to 'Clear the Air' before the group splits up. [Eric & Nathan] Slashy Connotations.
  2. Bad Idea: [Download|Link] Eric and Jackson argue about what to do next. 'You're not the boss of me' ... 'Wanna bet' [Eric & Jackson] WARNING: SLASHish

Fullmetal Alchemist:
  1. Mistakes You Can't Take Back. It was just a simple mistake, that changed his life forever. [Ed & Riza] Post Movie Timeline, with a little AU twist. (Challenge from malicious_ninja)
  2. Perfectly Damaged. A chance meeting and shared regret bring two unlikely people together for a chance at unexpected forgiveness. [Winry & Roy] Takes place after the series and movie.
    • Chapter One: Equivalent Trade. A year after Ed and Al leave her world forever, Winry finds herself under Central. But she's not alone in her silent vigil anymore, and she's the only one who can free him from the prision of guilt he's surrounded himself with.
    • Chapter 2:Closer. Winry takes Roy back to her apartment to rest, but soon realizes that it was a mistake. Because she's never had a man in her home, who looked at her like that before. She wishes she didn't ... but she wants him, because he's real and painfully similar. NC-17

  3. Hammurabi's Law: [Download|Link] It was her life to take, or at least that's what she tells herself. [Slight [Winry & Roy] if you look close enough] Manga Storyline, Chapter 46 & 47. WARNINGS! Violence, Character Death & Vomit.
  4. Unspoken. It’s been years since she’s seen him last. (Winry & Roy) Drabble

Harry Potter:
  1. Destiny: [Download|Link] Harry finally faces off against Snape, after a year of hunting for Voldemort. But what will Snape have to say for himself? [Snape Vs. Harry] NOT SLASH
  2. I Hate You. Draco and Hermione find themselves trapped together deep under the castle. But will they stop bickering long enough to survive Giant Killer Bats, and bottomless pits? Read to find out. [Hermione & Draco]
  3. The Misfortunes of Virtue. [WARNING: Deaths, Inferi!Character, Necromancism: controlling the dead, gore, & DH spoilers] Draco steals away in the dead of night on orders from the Dark Lord to either kidnap or kill Hermione. But who is he really loyal to? [Draco & Hermione] DARK!FIC
  4. Madness: Even as much as she loves order and structure, there's still a part of her that's trying to prove she's just as good, just as brave, just as dangerous. And in that way, she brings reason to all this madness. [Draco & Hermione] Written for jodylips @ dmhgficexchange
  5. Unreachable. Anger flares in him, hot and sharp. It slices open old wounds that weren’t his, but he now carries, alone in his grief. He wonders if his father ever loved the enemy. (Harry & Draco) Drabble
  6. George & Hermione Drabble Challenges. George & Hermione Drabbles from grangertwins100 LiveJournal community. Each chapter has a different prompt. Collection of oneshots, not a fic. They range from K to M. Check each chapter for ratings. Add to alert so you don't miss updates! For grangertwins100. ONGOING UPDATES
  7. Penance. Tom saw a moon-lit sky and the face of a girl he never really loved. Because he couldn’t love, not as he was. It was just an echo, the imprint of a piece of his soul he lost 17 years ago reflecting back on the monster he became. [Riddle & Ginny]
  8. Breathing Underwater: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] She loved him, because he was a boy named Harry and she was a girl named Luna. (Harry/Luna) Drabble

  1. Tonight. She watches him as his wind tunnel bows under the weight of his guilt and is fragmented because she wants to know if it hurts. In the wake of a battle, they share a fate that will live on, even if they won't. [Miroku & Kagome]
  2. MonkandMiko Drabble Challenges. These are responses to the weekly challenges at monkandmiko. [Miroku & Kagome]

  1. Sakura's Home. Sakura was kicked out of Konoha five years ago but now has been asked to return… She will meet old friends and be faced with the consequences of her actions. You need to be up to date in the manga and series. No pairings. [AU/future-fic/Sakura-Centric] COMPLETE

  2. Fireworks and Lightning: [Download|Link] He wants to show Hinata that he doesn’t need her, that he doesn’t want her. So he steals away, following her little sister’s scent. Which is almost like Hinata’s, almost.' [Kiba & Hanabi]
  3. Discordia. Kiba was flat on his back, a warm body on top of him, straddling him, a cold metal blade to his throat and silky black hair falling over his face. (Kiba & Hanabi) Unrequited Kiba & Hinata

  4. Sleep Dream Wake Live. Gaara sleeps and dreams and wakes with a hole in his chest and an image of pink, green, red, and pale skin drawing him out and away from what he used to be. He finds her broken and covered in blood that's not her own. Will they ever find solace? [Gaara & Sakura]
  5. Sleep Dream Wake Live LOVE: Bakemono no hanabira. Sleep Dream Wake Love sequel. 'He’d purr under the caresses of her gentle touch and thanked god for pink, green, red and pale skin. And each day she woke to red, pale green, black rimmed eyes and grainy sand in her bed and in her heart.' [Gaara & Sakura]
  6. A New Kind of Sickness: [Download|Link] Gaara fears that he might be broken when he is stricken with a strange and haunting kind of illness. He is trapped and can no longer distinguish fiction from reality. Is there no hope for him? Is he alone is this sickness? [Gaara & Sakura]
  7. Never Coming Back. Sakura runs into Lee and Gaara after they come back from their failed mission to rescue Sasuke. [Sakura & Gaara]

  8. Secrets. Rough hands and green eyes meet in the dead of night. It was a mistake she never should have let happen, but now she dreams of him and all the dark secrets he holds for her. Someday this will all end, but not tonight… [Sakura & Neji]
  9. Cages: [Download|Link] Neji examines the new cage he's managed to twist his wounded soul into and the pink and green that haunt him at every turn. He wonders what she would taste like. [Neji & Sakura]
  10. Three Days 'Till Home. Three days can be a very long time to get home and out of the sun, especially now that Sakura holds a precious piece of information. But, in the presence of the right person, perhaps three days isn’t quite long enough… [Sakura & Neji]
  11. Promises. Neji and Sakura return from the resque Gaara arc, but it looks like they've been hiding something. [Neji & Sakura]

  12. The Line. There is a line that separates Kakashi from the one person he wants and knows he can never have. But she pays no attention to his line as she inches closer on this summer night so full of unspoken desire and an unrivaled temptation. Will his line be enough to keep her perfect pink lips from reaching his fortress of painful self-control? [Kakashi & Sakura]
  13. Kakashi & Sakura Drabble Challenges. These are responses to the weekly challenges at kakasakudrabble. [Kakashi & Sakura] ONGOING UPDATES
  14. Discussion: [Download|Link] The hallway seems like a very inappropriate place to be having such a... discussion. [Sakura & Kakashi] (I wrote this for the KakaSaku DeviantArt Club FanFiction Contest. I didn't win)
  15. Sequential. Sometimes, the only way to understand how everything went wrong is to go back to the beginning. [Kakashi & Sakura] (I wrote this for the KakaSaku DeviantArt Club FanFiction Contest. I didn't win)

  16. The Fire of Goodbyes. Sakura sees the man she used to love trapped in the body of a monster that is hell bent on revenge. But she refuses to be useless anymore because she is strong and she knows she is the only one who can save him from himself. [Sakura & Sasuke... kind of]
  17. Oiroke no Jutsu. Oiroke no Jutsu! POOF! Sasuke-kun? Are you drunk? (Sakura & Sasuko: Sexy no Jutsu!Sasuke) YURI & CRACK-a-licious-ness.
  18. Mistaken. Itachi takes something that Sakura can't get back. And she doesn't know the difference anymore, because he is so familiar she almost remembers what she's lost. But she's mistaken. [Sakura & Itachi]
  19. The Crowing. Sakura spends the night in the Suna hospital ward with Kankurou before she sets out on the mission to rescue Gaara. [Sakura & Kankurou]
  20. Hero. Shikamaru reminds Sakura of someone she's tried to forget, because he's an avenger now. But he's also different, because he turns to Sakura in a moment of weakness and she sees him for the first time for what he really is. A Hero. [Sakura & Shikamaru]
  21. New Season. They walked on, across the bridge and back into the village. Sometimes their shoulders would touch, and Sakura held his hitaiate in her hand. [Sakura & Lee]
  22. Sakashara. Sakura sleeps this cold night, wrapped in the arms of two men who cradle her perverted sense of perfection and indulge in her warped idea of heaven. Red hair and green eyes stir to her front while silver hair and multicolored eyes hold her from behind. [Gaara & Sakura & Kakashi] NC-17
  23. Feral. He sucked and licked, nipped and touched until she was blue-lipped with need and then, he would command her. [Sakura & Genma] NC-17

  24. Porcelain: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] It was the rain that did it, made Itachi look vulnerable. (Itachi/Kisame). Drabble
  25. An Exercise in Futility: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] Sakura likes the way it feels when she lays next to her, wrapped up in sheets and limbs and teeth (Ino/Sakura). Drabble | NC-17

  1. The Golden Age of Love: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] She loved him... (Mr. Tumus/Lucy (older)) Drabble
  2. Legends: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] He grew up listening to tales of the Kings and Queens of Old. (Trumpkin/Lucy) Drabble
  3. The Application of Will: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] Trumpkin doesn’t believe in magic. (Trumpkin/Lucy) Drabble

Ouran Host:
  1. Punishment. Renge has a new outfit for Kaoru to try out. (Kaoru & Renge) Drabble

Rorouni Kenshin:
  1. Futility: [Download|Link] [YAOI] He's spent years pretending he didn't want this, but now that he's faced with the prospect he never thought he'd have... what will he choose? [Sanosuke & Kenshin]

  1. Used. [REPOST] Liz has the unique ability to help the Pod Squaders to see into their past lives. But her gift is only getting her USED and heartbroken. Who will she seek for comfurt? POLAR [Michael & Liz]
  2. Metamorphosis. Liz has to cope with the changes she's going through. She is lost in a world she can't escape and the only one who can help her now is Michael. What will he do? How will he save her? What will happen to Liz? POLAR [Michael & Liz] WIP
  3. Karma. Liz decides not to lock her windows (Michael & Liz) Drabble

Samurai 7:
  1. Regrets. [NOT YAOI] Kyuzo and Kambei have a short conversation before they set off. [Kyuzo & Kambei] Platonic Drabble
  2. The Quiet. Kirara is caught following Kyuuzo [Kirara & Kyuuzo] Drabble

    Soul Eater:
      6 Word Drabbles:
    1. Asura/Maka
    2. Black★Star/Soul
    3. Black★Star/Patti
    4. Black★Star/Maka
    5. Black★Star/Maka
    6. Black★Star/Maka
    7. Black★Star/Maka
    8. Crona/Medusa
    9. Crona/Maka
    10. Kid/Crona (fem)
    11. Kid/Maka
    12. Kid/Maka
    13. Kid/Liz
    14. Eibon/Kid
    15. Stein/Tsubaki
    16. Stein/Tsubaki
    17. Stein/Spirit
    18. Stein/Marie
    19. Stein/Maka & Stein/Kam
    20. Spirit/Maka
    21. Maka
    22. Stein/Kami
    23. Stein/Blair
    24. Free/Eruka
    25. Free/Eruka
    26. Free/Blair
    27. Giriko/Arachne
    28. Harvard/Jacqueline
    29. BJ/Azusa
    30. BJ/Marie
    31. Justin/Tsubaki
    32. Killik/Jacqueline
    33. Medusa/Maka
    34. Medusa/Eruka
    35. MIfune/Azusa
    36. Mifune/Tsubaki
    37. Mifune/Marie
    38. Mifune/Blair
    39. Mifune/Adult!Angela
    40. Ox/Kim
    41. Sid/Nygus
    42. Spirit/Azusa
    43. Spirit/Blair
    44. Spirit/Kami
    45. White★Star/Kami
    46. Azusa/Marie
    47. Masamune/Tsubaki
    48. Kid/Maka & Black★Star/Maka
    49. Black★Star/Tsubaki
    50. Soul/Maka
    51. ???/Maka (Soul, Kid, Spirit, Black★Star ... take your pic)
    52. Sid

    Twilight Series:
    1. Cliff Diving: [Download|Link] A brush with death that comes not from mythical monsters, but by Bella's own hands is a wakeup call. For her and for Jacob. [Bella & Jacob]
    2. Cold Feet: [Download|Link] I can’t be perfect and graceful... I can’t dazzle people. I’m awkward, and normal. I can’t be like you. It wouldn’t be right. It wouldn’t be me... I wouldn’t be Bella Swan. (Bella and Rosalie have a conversation)
    3. The Evolution of a Fluke. Leah, if not bitter and vindictive, was anything but forgiving. (Leah/Jacob)
    4. Surrender: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] I've got blood in my mouth 'cause I've been biting my tongue all week. (Jacob/Leah) Drabble
    5. More Than I Should: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] together we'll survive (Jasper/Bella) Drabble
    6. Ink-Stained: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] Scars and Tattoos (Jasper/Jacob) Drabble
    7. A Hurricane Following a Summer Breeze: [LJ Link|FF.net Link] some things can't be erased easily. (Sam/Leah) Drabble

      6 Word Drabbles:
    8. Jasper/Bella
    9. Emmett Rosalie
    10. Leah
    11. Jacob/Leah
    12. Jacob/Jessica
    13. Jacob/Bella
    14. James/Bella

    Zoey 101:
    1. Aftermath: [Download|Link] Why did Logan really get beat up by Javers after the Wrestling Match? (Unrequited Logan & Zoey and slight hints of Logan & Quinn)